A brief history of the Hagley Community Association

A small group of residents saw that Hagley was growing and as yet had no central organisation which would focus residents’ interests in wanting to feel part of Hagley. They then dedicated themselves to the task of providing Hagley with the facilities that could make it grow into a community. Links in the summaries below go to the items that give further details.

The essential task during the period 1961 to 1969 was the raising of funds so that the Community Centre could be built. Articles published in the “County Express” and “Bromsgrove Messenger” and documents distributed by the HCA show that the project progressed as follows:

Late 1961
– four people discussed forming Hagley Community Association

May 1962
– public meeting held to discuss formation of HCA

November 1962
– Parish Council allocated site for Community Centre

January 1963
– application form for joining HCA was circulated

February 1963
– meeting agreed to form HCA

May 1963
– Village News publication started by Mr. B.J. Smith
Hagley Village News 1963-4

November 1963
– bonfire to be held to raise funds

January 1964
– building fund had reached £1000

May 1964
– booklet distributed to encourage HCA membership
– booklet details here
– 10th Viscount Cobham signed covenant

June 1964
– second AGM of HCA
– style of Village News vol.1 described in vol.2 no.1

June 1965
– third AGM of HCA

June 1966
– site for Community Centre leased by HCA for 99 years

April 1969
– ceremony starts building of Hagley Community Centre

May 1969
– Village News report of building start ceremony

June 1969
– list of recent donations to building fund

July 1969
– foundations and base finished

August 1969
– shell completed

September 1969
– will be opened in November
– hire charges published

November 1969
– building completed, opening date announced
– souvenir programme for Community Centre opening

– opening ceremony Hagley Community Centre

January 2000
– List of societies affiliated to the HCA

November 2004
– HCA website http://www.hagleyvillage.org/ opens on 2nd at 22:04

November 2011
– List of societies affiliated to the HCA