Parish Archivist – Job Description

March 29th, 2015 by JCope


Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.)


The security, preservation and conservation of all Church of England records in the Parish of Hagley and also of civil records before 1894.

Maintaining such records and procedures that may be required by the County Record Office.

Making available records to bona fide researchers, who should make written applications, and then supervise their work in an appropriate manner.

Liaising with other local persons and organisations to optimize the value of the research source.

Making applications to appropriate bodies for financial support when necessary.

Cooperating with the supporters carrying out work associated with the records etc.



Keep a list of the key holders to all archive storage facilities.

Maintain a list of external contacts that can provide support for the archives.

List the steps in dealing with external enquiries.

Describe the scope of computers used to support the function.


Ability to use computer programmes to support ready access to a range of data.

Ability to transcribe and analyze raw data to suit a range of records.


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