Newsletter – January 2012

January 19th, 2012 by JCope

The Society’s 2012 programme got off to a flying start when a packed hall gathered in January to listen to Sylvia Beardshaw talk about Chaddesley Corbett.

Sylvia, from the Chaddesley Corbett Local History Society, had set herself the daunting task of covering 1000 years of the parish’s story in an hour!  The combination of her erudite talk and a fabulous digital presentation with maps and photographs of various eras, ensured that we reached 1900 having had a tantalising glimpse of the rich history the Society had uncovered.  From burial mounds, via the Roman hoard, Lady Godiva and Domesday, we heard about the Norman church, Harvington Hall and the Throckmorton family, the latter commissioning some exquisite maps of which Sylvia brought copies.  The talk concluded at the end of the nineteenth century with a look at the numerous mills that once used the power of the many streams in the area.  How close to ‘our’ patch but how much we learned and enjoyed: we must go and seek out the 77 Grade 2 or better listed buildings in the parish!

 Details of our 2012 programme of talks, visits and walks will be found on our website,

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