Friends of St. John the Baptist

The Friends of St. John the Baptist

 The Friends resulted from discussions by the Rev. Maurice Beaver, Rosemary Miller and Eric Smith. These discussions led to the formation of the League of Friends for St John’s, which was set up at a P.C.C. meeting on the 15th November 1978. The present society was officially formed on the 5th April 1979.
The objects are:
  A) To preserve, maintain, repair and enrich the fabric, furniture and fittings of the Church.
  B) To preserve and enhance the beauty and of fitness of the site and setting of the Church.
  C) To maintain and develop the music and other aspects (cultural, dramatic and otherwise) of the worship and life of the Church.

These objects have been the guidelines for all the activities down the years and govern the Charity status.

Object “A” was the prime target in 1981 resulting from the quinquennial survey. It was found that dry rot had attacked the roof timbers. Many other areas of the building were restored at this time by a team from the Manpower Services Commission, which had been set up to train the unemployed people in a variety of skills. As a Parish we were fortunate to have the workforce to carry out this work at little cost.

 Some events have been solely for fun but the majority have an element of fund raising as well.
Whether the events be Spring or Christmas Fayres, Donkey Derbys, Race Nights, coffee mornings and many, many others they have all been stressful, hard work, satisfying, enjoyable and many other feelings in turn.

Since 1981 the work on the fabric has been continuous and the Friends have supported the P.C.C. financially and members have helped in a multitude of ways in addition to direct fundraising.
People are an essential part of any organisation but leadership that is active brings the best from the members. For many years that leadership was given by the late Don Richardson, whose energy and drive ensured that things happened to the best of everyone’s ability.

The Friends have been around for over thirty years helping to keep the church fabric sound and ensuring that objects set out above will be met for the foreseeable future.

Tom Pagett.