Domesday in North Worcestershire

We are lucky in Worcestershire and in our neighbouring counties that there
are so many towns and villages that have developed over many centuries and
so often the development has a mixture of modern, Victorian, Georgian, Tudor
and occasionally even earlier, to be seen.

This article is an extract from two entries written in 1986 by Tom Pagett, on the 900th anniversary of the Domesday book – “Look & See” and “The local landscape in 1086”. They were originally published in the Hagley Historical and Field Society newsletters of May and September of that year.

In “Look & See, we are told that the stone churches which we see today are the successors to the wooden churches which are likely to have existed at the time of Domesday. He encourages us to visit these churches and look carefully for the clues which indicate the different ages of the buildings.

In “The local landscape in 1086”, he explains the the differences you would see in the landscape if you could step back 900 years.