Newsletter – November 2015

November 8th, 2015 by JCope

When Henry V and his ‘band of brothers’ defeated the assembled might of French Chivalry on a rainy October day in 1415, it was a defining moment in English history. The Battle of Agincourt became part of the nation’s self-image. For six centuries it has been celebrated as the triumph of the underdog in the face of overwhelming odds, of discipline and determination over arrogance and egotism, of stout-hearted common men over dissolute aristocrats.

However, our speaker this month Max Keen, attempted to reveal some of the truths behind the battle upon which so many legends have been built. It is now thought that the English army was not as weakened during the siege of Harfleur as was previously believed. And, in the same way that David disabled Goliath from a distance before Goliath could use his overwhelming strength against him, so were the English and Welsh archers able to release 80,000 armour piercing arrows per minute against tightly packed French Knights attacking them on foot across a sodden field of cloying mud. So many French knights of aristocratic rank were killed that almost the whole nobility among the soldiery of France was removed in three hours.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th January 2016 when we will have a presentation by Tim Booth, entitled ‘Following the Belne Brook’ in Belbroughton. Members will remember Tim’s previous visit in December last year when he took us on a photographic and historical journey along Dowles Brook in the Wyre Forest. Visitors are most welcome at all our events – see home page for details and contacts.

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