Newsletter – April 2011

April 24th, 2011 by JCope

The recent run of large attendances continued with the Society’s April meeting, when The 32nd Master of the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick gave us a brief history of the mainly 14th century building which, despite its name, is not and never was, a hospital as we know it.  The building had its origins in medieval times as a shelter for old warriors and continues to serve this function today.  In an enthralling presentation, our speaker, a retired Army officer, highlighted some aspects of the hospital’s intriguing Elizabethan history and then took us on a virtual tour of the chapel, the Guild Hall, the Main Hall and the Master’s House.  To conclude, we were treated to photos and anecdotes of David Dimbleby’s television documentary and the Dr Who episode filmed there.  All this raised members’ expectations for the Society’s visit to Warwick in October, when we shall enjoy the tour with the Master for real!

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