Newsletter – December 2009

December 14th, 2009 by JCope

For our final meeting of the year, members of the Society welcomed the return of Graham Sutherland with a fresh presentation, entitled ‘From Drainpipe Trousers to Rock ’n’ Roll’.  In his own inimitable style and using photographs and advertisements from the 1950s, our speaker brought back many happy memories for his audience.  Reflecting the nation’s mood following the War, we started with adverts for the Territorial Army before moving on to CND, the Civil Defence, the Festival of Britain and the Coronation.  Well and truly transported back in time, we then savoured the life-changing introduction of Formica, washing machines, National Savings and Brylcreem.  Graham’s eclectic mix went on to include slum clearance, holidays, wireless and television, teddy boys, cars and that boys’ favourite comic, The Eagle.

This was a fascinating and highly entertaining evening that allowed us to wallow in the nostalgia of a world not that long ago in years but an age away in attitudes and values

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